CFA Registered Egyptian Maus

Aar-gee Em

Buying a Mau

I care about this breed and strive to place a kitten or an adult cat in a good home--one where the Mau will be just as happy with you and you will be with the Mau. Just as you will want to consider my cats or kittens, I will want to consider you as a potential Mau owner.


So please do not be offended by anything I may ask, and I will not be offended by any of your questions. I have a small number of litters each year and care where my kittens and cats are placed.

Questions for you:

  • Are you buying this cat for yourself?
  • Have you owned a pedigree cat before? Why do you want one?
  • Do you have other cats? If so, are they neutered and kept indoors? Can they roam the house? What do you feed them?
  • Have you had a cat die or need to be euthanized recently? If so, at what age and why?
  • Do you have children or other animals?
  • Is your lifestyle one that allows time for a cat? Do you have time for a kitten?
  • Do you have anyone in your house who is allergic to cats or who does not like cats?
  • Do you have a veterinarian? Will you take your cat or kitten to them immediately after purchase and delivery and for annual check-ups and shots?
  • Do you understand you will receive your cat or kitten already spayed or neutered?
  • Are you willing to own a cat that is NOT declawed?
  • Have you researched cats and Maus in particular?
  • Do you have a Mau color or gender preference?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pet quality Mau?
A pet quality Mau is a healthy cat that, upon subjective evaluation by the breeder, is not considered to be a cat that is not suitable for breeding or showing. Show cats must not only meet the breed standard, but must also "like" to be shown--that is, enjoy being transported, housed in a show room with lots of other cats, and be handled by the judges. A stunning cat may not "like" to be shown, while an average looking cat may enjoy trips, like cats in unfamiliar surroundings, and like being handled by strangers.
What is the Mau's personality?
Maus are moderately active (some say an 8 out of 10), intelligent, and sociable. They like quiet time and naps as well as chasing their toys, playing with feathers, or chasing and retrieving balls of paper. They are quite capable of quickly learning simple tricks such as sit, beg, and shake. They like human companionship on their terms. They may nap across your legs just out of arm's reach one time and be in your lap the next time. They generally get along with children and other animals. Maus may form a close bond with one family member. They are mildly vocal; letting you know if they need food, water, or a litter box cleaning.
Do the Mau's have any inherit genetic problems?
Early in Mau history (in the United States) the breed suffered from heart, asthma and temperment problems. However, in the 1980's CFA certified cats were imported from India and Egypt to increase the gene pool and improve the general health of the breed. Today, most Maus are healthy and very hardy.
What do Mau's eat?
I feed mine a premium brand of cat food. Each Mau, like humans, will prefer their own type of treat. Part of the fun of owning a Mau is figuring out what kind of treat they like and when to reward them for their loving behaviors.
How much grooming do Mau's require?
Minimal; trimming nails every 7 to 10 days; maybe a combing from time to time.
What is the size of an adult Mau?
Females range from 6 to 8 pounds; males may range from 10 to 12 pounds.
Are there personality differences between the sexes?
Some people think a male makes a better solitary cat and two females make a better pair. I have two male pet Maus who get along great. I have one female who, when she retires, would make a great solitary pet.
Do Maus generally get along with children and other pets?
Maus generally get along with children and other pets. As with all animals, they may need to be carefully introduced into a new family, but they will generally adapt. Maus do need playtime and socialization with humans.
Do Maus require constant companionship (i.e., other pets)?
Not necessarily. A single cat in a family where there are no people (or animals) home during the day can be content providing it has enough diversions to keep its attention. Diversions such as a large number of toys, window seats that look out to a busy street or a bird feeder, or even the television can provide entertainment. Be prepared to provide lots of playtime and socialization when you get home because your Mau will likely seek out your attention. Of course, another Mau or other animal will also provide companionship, but will never eliminate the need for human playtime.
Do you have a contract?
Yes. My contract is fairly simple and consistent with other pedigree cat breeders.
Do you guarantee the health of your kittens?
Yes. The kittens will be seen by my vet and I will disclose any known congenital or hereditary problems. If within six months of purchase, your kitten becomes ill and dies or needs to be euthanized; I will replace the kitten with one of equal value, providing it can be proved to be a fault of mine or due to an undisclosed congenital, biological, or genetic defect. This will require you to have an autopsy performed by your vet at your expense and agreement to the cause of death by my vet.

The next step.

or call at 440-238-1491 during the evenings and weekends. I will eventually want to discuss owning a Mau with you in person.